Dereo UP kit

Dereo UP kit is an Ultra Portable full solution (< 6 kg). It includes:
 - Golden XRS-150 with 1 battery
 - Dereo UP 2530 wireless flat panel
 - Military TouchPad with MaestroTouch

It is supplied with all the required accessories and several options.


Dereo PS kit

Dereo PS is an unique imaging system which performs video capture and has a unique pixel size of 80 μm for an active area of 25 x 30 cm. It can be integrated with a wide range of X-ray generators depending on the penetration and image quality required by the application.



Special applications

The SPECIAL SOLUTIONS department of X-RIS can also design and supply fully customized hardware and software ranging from X-ray generators with "special features" to mobile converted containers for the inspection on site of war ammunitions (bombs of 500+ kg). These ones can be developed by the piece and under NDA.