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Forensic XP-4010 D is developed to examine the originality of all types of documents. Forensic XP-4010 D driven by the hyper spectrum measurements technology helps reveal of forgery of documents like money, cheque, debenture and passport. Among the other important features of Forensic system one should note the non-destructive principles of examination, decision making based on objectively measured optical parameters of the document.


Forensic XP-4010 D is commercially available digital forensic imaging spectrograph for large-scale documents examination and is an advance spectrograph using hyper spectrum measurements.



  • Hyperspectral imaging in 350-1100 nm spectrum range
  • Revealing the presence of visually similar, but chemically different ink by original Spectral Enhancement Procedures
  • Revealing invisibly embedded or deleted information
  • UV activated security feature examination
  • Anti-Stokes features examination
  • Pen pressure visualization and trace display using 3D technology
  • Numerical imaging filter
  • Passport machine readable zone and chip decoder
  • Revealing passport hidden data
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BALISTIKA is a system developed by TUBITAK UZAY, consisting of the software and the hardware, which acquires the 3D data of the cartridge cases and bullets using photometric stereo method, saves this data in the database together with the accompanying metadata, is capable of saving the information about the cases, persons, firearms in addition to the cartridge case and bullet data, compares these by extracting features data from 3D data and gives the probability of them being sisters, is capable of distributing the load of correlation task among the computers within the system, is capable of performing data communications with the other BALISTIKA installations, provides computerized cartridge case and bullet correlation. 


BALISTIKA is a ballistic mark image analysis and recognition system.


BALISTIKA has three main functions:

1. Data Acquisition: provides the creation of high quality images by means of smart software and hardware.

2. Query and Visualizing: provides the correlation of the created images with the previous data and analyze.

3. Evidence Matching: provides the storage of the information about the images, evidence, cases and individuals by means of server unit and opportunity of matching.