"Repy Board" is a recycled plastic floor plate approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism NETIS, EcoMark, and NNTD.

This eco product is made using low-density polyethylene coating materials from discarded electric cable and recycled high-density polyethylene materials excellent resistance to cracking and weathering. We also provide value-added formulations including virgin polyethylene material and formulations offering static electricity prevention or low-flammability.

We have a wide range of sizes and patterns, enabling customers to choose the most suitable one for their application.





  • The plates cannot be used as a bridge.
  • Avoid using the plates in places where there sharp objects sticking up from the ground.
  • The plates cannot be used as outriggers.
  • The plates can be used in temperatures between -20 and 50℃.
  • The plates may be melted by the heat from a burner or welding sparks.
  • Extra care is required when using the plates under strong wind conditions.
  • Avoid sudden acceleration, sudden stops, and sharp turns in vehicles.
  • Due to the nature of plastic, the plates will expand and contract if the floor temperature changes.
  • A 10℃ change in temperature produces expansion or contraction of 1 ㎜ per 1000 ㎜. This should be accounted for when laying the plates.