Every steel wire rope, which is subject to corrosion, abrasion, and fatigue, will fail one day if it is not discarded in time. Steel wire rope flaw detector

INTROS enables simultaneously accurate measurement of loss of metallic area (LMA) and detection of outer and inner localized flaws (LF), such as broken wires, strands, pitting corrosion. INTROS inspects the rope at speed up to 4 m/s and can be used during rope production or operation.


INTROS is widely used to inspect ropes at  underground and surface mining, cranes and heavy lifting onshore and offshore, cable ways, cable bridges, elevators, guy ropes of flare stacks and masts, overhead transmission lines, etc.




INTROS-AUTO designed for non-destructive inspection of steel wire ropes with automatic data interpretation. Results of automatic data interpretation display in “traffic light” mode. Green light informs the operator the opportunity to continue rope operation; yellow light warns against certain level of rope deterioration – both LMA and LF, and is adjustable; red light alerts that rope may no longer be used. Following criteria used to analyze actual condition of rope – number of broken wires within certain rope length, loss of metallic cross section area in percentage, and speed of rope degradation.


All inspection data are available at any time for manual interpretation by inspector. The instrument is currently successfully operated at on-shore drilling rigs, it can be also used for variety offshore and onshore installation.


INTROCOR M-150 is a reliable and effective equipment to inspect integrity of above ground storage tanks. The instrument acquires such defects, as transverse cracks, pitting, and general corrosion. Besides measurement of actual steel plate thickness and thickness of protecting coating is possible. The instrument consists of the MFL scanner and processing & displaying unit (PDU) , which controls the operation of the equipment, stores data, and makes downloading for analysis with the software Wintrocor.


INTROCOR M-150 is proved to be cost effective, easy to operate, accurate and reliable mean to inspect tank floor, roof, walls, as well as vessels and other steel structures.


INTROCON operation is based on eddy current principle of nondestructive testing, and can inspect conveyor belts from 600 mm to 3000 mm width and thickness from 10 to 50 mm at speed up to 7 m/s. Conception of the instrument allows its upgrade to implement INTROCON into conveyor monitoring system.


INTROCON comprises basic unit and scanner, connected with cable. The software Wintrocon is delivered with the INTROCON. The INTROCON basic unit is designed to collect and store inspection data from the scanner, and displaying important inspection data on-line. Basic unit is battery operated and produced for operation in normal or explosive environment.