Voice Biometrics for Commercial Applications

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VoiceKey: Voice authentication platform

Relentless competition requires customer remote services in almost any business. This approach allows companies to make their interaction with clients maximally efficient. On the other hand, the security level of transactions you perform tends to reduce. Thus, it is impossible to make sure that a customer is the person they claim to be.

VoiceKey software applies the latest technologies for secured customer verification and personal data protection. It is based on voice biometrics technologies as voice becomes the most reliable way of user verification in terms of remote services. This is the only attribute that cannot be stolen or counterfeited.

Voice biometrics for Intelligence Service

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GridID: Multimodal Biometric Identification System
GridID is a unified biometric identification and analysis platform designed for law enforcement agencies and forensic laboratories dealing with organized crime, fraud, corruption, terrorism and other types of security threats.
  • Streamlined process of biometric samples gathering and enrollment
  • Investigative functionality
  • Forensic analysis:
  • Report generation and monitoring performance of users and systems



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VoiceGrid™ RT: Sophisticated Distributed Solution for Real-time Speaker Identification

The VoiceGridTM RT application is designed for speaker identification. The system allows sorting all the records in accordance with target speakers’ voice samples. The minimal configuration allows investigators to process up to 10,000 incoming recordings per day against a list of up to 100 targets.


The VoiceGridTM RT voice matching, along with the entire VoiceGridTM product line, uses STC exclusive analysis tools, including processing, segmentation, feature extraction and identification of voice samples.

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VoiceGrid™: Automated Voice Biometric System

Networked 1:N search and voice data management solution with unlimited database size and unlimited web client workstation connectivity. Distributed processing and WAN architecture designed for large city, county, state or national system deployments.

Key Figures

  • Minimum required speech pattern for analysis - 3 seconds
  • Executes up to 100 simultaneous searches
  • Accommodates up to 1,000 active users
  • Stores up to 2,000,000 samples
  • Search/match in 10,000 voice samples - 5 seconds
  • Average time for feature extraction 10 seconds
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VoiceGrid™ Local: Automated Voice Biometric System
VoiceGrid Local is ideal for agencies with a larger voice database requirement but with only the need for a stand-alone system or multiple workstations within the same facility or campus.
Additionally, VoiceGrid Local can be delivered as either a software-only solution to be installed on customer provided hardware or as a full turn-key solution including both hardware and software.
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VoiceGrid X: an Application for Voice Identification in Multiple Audio Files

VoiceGrid X is an essential solution for security staff:

  • It prevents call center frauds.
  • It Increases internal investigation efficiency by using recorded calls.

VoiceGrid X enables you to significantly enhance analysis of audio recordings. VoiceGrid X processes speaker voices in recordings and automatically skips audio files without specified voice features. Release your call center agents from time-consuming work with VoiceGrid X.

Professional recorders

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Gnome-Nano II: Subminiature Digital Stereo Voice Recorder

Gnome-Nano II is a subminiature digital stereo voice-recorder which is a professional sound recording unit providing high-quality mono and stereo recording of speech signals.

The recorder provides high-quality recording of speech signals in various situations and can be used to record conversations, meetings and interviews indoor and outdoor, including cases with difficult acoustic conditions.

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Gnome-P II: Portable Digital Stereo Recorder

Gnome-P II Portable Digital Recorder is a professional sound recording unit providing high-quality mono and stereo speech signal recording under
difficult acoustic conditions.


Its extra small dimensions and weight, as well as user-friendly control, make it usable for a wide range of customers and enable recording speech signals both indoors and outdoors.


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Gnome 7.0: digital pocket voice recorder

The newest stereo digital voice recorder in the product range, incorporating all the feature advantages of the Gnome product line but utilizing a modified case as well as providing unique functionality and capabilities.

  • 4GB built-in memory with microSD card slot (up to 32GB)
  • WAV stereo recording
  • 7 hours recording time without battery recharge
  • Noise suppression
  • VOX (voice activated recording)

Noise Cancellation Systems

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Sound Cleaner II: Comprehensive audio restoration software

Whether you’re a new user or a professional audio expert, Sound Cleaner II audio restoration software has the necessary tools for a full range of noise suppression and speech enhancement tasks.


Sound Cleaner II, with its newly overhauled user interface, gives you high-performance intuitive tools for best results. Powerful noise filters and other special features help you deliver results faster than ever.

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The ANF II produces professional results while being intuitive and easy-to-use, requiring no special knowledge in digital sound processing. Adaptive noise filters yield immediate results and allow adjustments to be instantly audible.

All settings and controls can be adjusted via the front panel of the device, remotely via web-interface, or from the computer via USB cable.




Voice and Call Recording Solutions

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Smart Logger BOX: Standalone Voice and Call Recorder

This efficient and reliable solution for voice and call recording is perfect for both small enterprises and entities with multiple branches.


Recording is performed from the following sources:

  • Analog extensions
  • Linear outputs
  • Microphones with preamplifier and phantom power 12 V
  • Digital extensions
  • ISDN PRI E1 Trunk (EDSS1)
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Smart Logger: Multi-Channel Сall and Screen Recording System

Reliable and flexible call and screen recording solution that helps to manage performance of front office staff, increase service level and improve the quality of customer care.


Available in various configurations, it can be easily tailored to meet customers’ requirements.