INTRON PLUS is focusing in non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics.
X-Ray Imaging Solutions is active in the development and supply of innovative solutions in Digital Radiology for the Industry and the Security.
Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science and with that position comes a great sense of responsibility to the global community.
Established in 1992, is a manufacturer of LED X-Ray Film Viewers, LED Black lights, Densitometers, Medical LED Film Viewers and other X-ray Accessories in China.
ZARGES is the first light-metal construction company in Europe to be operating internationally from its headquarters in Weilheim / Upper Bavaria with around 800 employees and three production plants in Europe.
ActSafe is a world leader in Power Ascenders and uses its experience, knowledge and technology to revolutionize the way you work and operate at heights and depths.
OOHASHI contributes to customers and society through recycling. OOHASHI help creates a richer society as a company, building trust with customers by providing them not only with products, but with reliability.